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From complex real-time problem solving to a simple point of view

Our software can handle all your needs

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Smart glasses

Work hands-free in the field, supported by a remote expert

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  • Machine shutdowns

  • Machine inspections

  • Maintenance

  • Inspections in the field

  • Support in the field

  • Documentation

  • Video recording - Screenshots - Notes

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Use the pointer to highlight specific parts or areas

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Use zoom to make sure you don`t miss any important details

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Pause the video to draw instructions

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Take screenshots or record video of your session

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Share images or documents or your entire screen


  • Quick Inspections

  • Quick Guidance

  • Quick Support

  • Customer service

  • Documentation

  • Video recording - Screenshots - Notes

Compatible with all devices


Remoto Solutions software can be used on smart glasses, computers, tablets, and mobile phones.